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Hole punch, plastic, international -80-

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27,90 €


Hole punch, plastic, international -80-

Prix (TTC):
27,90 €
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This high-quality, hardwearing hole punch scores highly in terms of both style and functionality. It’s a desktop essential that looks perfectly at home in all kinds of settings, thanks to our signature transparent plastic design. It’s chic, easy to use and reliable – in other words, exactly what a hole punch should be. Each time you reach across your desk and pick it up, you’ll appreciate its sleek shape, comfortable handle and smooth mechanism. What’s more, the paper guide makes correctly aligning your documents simple. We believe that when something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. That’s why we’ve devoted our time, energy and expertise to ensuring that this hole punch is the best it can be.
Product Features and Benefits:
• Ideal for your home office, study or workplace
• Stylish, practical design
• Compatible with the two-hole international standard for punched paper
• Made of sturdy, durable plastic
• Adorned with the ORDNING&REDA® logo
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  • Numéro OR12187-10
  • Taille S
  • Couleur 010
  • Largeur 10.5
  • La Taille (cm) 6.4
  • Profondeur (cm) 8.1
  • EAN 699965223328
  • Ligne de conception ORDNING & REDA
  • Matière Plastic

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